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SpectrumLab displays UTC time. The screenshot is updated every 2 hours. Grabber is relevant for
the time zone UTC+3. Using buttons "prev (-2h)" and "next (+2h)" you can see the rest of the
screenshots per day, and also find the grabber page suitable for your time zone.

MiniWhip PA0RDT (installed on the loggia of a multi-storey buildin, h~25m) + FT-897 + SpectrumLab by DL4YHF

The other grabbers:

DF6NM 137 kHz grabber 24h
EW6BN 137 kHz grabber
YO/4X1RF 137 kHz grabber in Bucharest, KN34AL
DK7FC 137 kHz 3-10s grabber in Heidelberg, JN49IK
DK7FC 137 kHz 60-240s grabber in Heidelberg, JN49IK
DK7FC 472-478 kHz grabber in Heidelberg, JN49IK
DF2JP grabber in Meerbusch, JO31hh
RA1ADF grabber, KO59hu
RN3AUS grabber, KO85fn
RC4HAA grabber
RW3ADB grabber, KO85ro
SP5XSB 137 kHz grabber, KO02ld
EA5DOM 500/137/0-26 kHz grabber, IM98xn
DM4TR 137kHz grabber, JO61DE
G3YXM 500/137 kHz grabber 24h
KL7UK Alaska 0.137/0.500/10 MHz grabber 24h
JA8SCD/1 137 kHz grabber, Taito, Tokyo, PM95vq
7L1RLL 137 kHz grabber in PM95so
JG3HGD 137 kHz grabber, Yawata, Kyoto, PM74uv  

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